Public Service

Local Authorities

North helps local authorities across the UK introduce new technologies to meet their goals, whether it’s tackling poverty, improving digital inclusion, regenerating town centres, increasing employment or stimulating the local economy.

We build stronger networks from city-wide dark fibre to public Wi-Fi and individual building connectivity. And we help you create smarter places, with intelligent CCTV and public safety systems managed from single, integrated, control rooms. We know how to work with complex stakeholder groups, get the best from multiple partners, and minimise disruption during delivery.

Enhancing connectivity
We help you introduce futureproofed networks and operational and cost efficiencies - but most importantly help you create a safer environment for all.

Increasing efficiency
We make your places smarter by bringing together data gathering, analytics and control rooms. Real-time data and analytics help you shape the future of city planning and create greener spaces for future generations.

Safeguarding your communities
Integrated monitoring delivers a holistic view of your cities, towns and villages. We help you create smarter, easier to maintain public spaces where your citizens and communities can thrive, feeling more secure, healthier and happier.

Supporting prosperity
Stronger, faster, more reliable networks and smarter places built on them are the foundations you need to attract people and investment for sustainable economic growth.

Always here for you
We’re here to provide you with expert support on-demand or onsite, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - as an extension of your own teams.

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