Public Service

Housing Associations

North helps housing associations create safe, secure and green communities. By introducing new technologies we can make the management of housing simpler, more agile, more effective and more efficient.

Applying technology to turn your housing developments into smarter places, North can help you actively monitor things like air quality, damp, temperature, and more. Real-time data captured by sensors allows you to prioritise and address disrepair issues more effectively. Combining that with intelligent CCTV and access control, and monitoring it all with a holistic view across communities, delivers vital cost savings and healthy living environments at the same time as achieving sustainability goals.

Enhancing people’s homes
We help you create smarter, easier to maintain places where your citizens and communities can thrive, feeling more secure, healthier and happier.

Increasing efficiency
We make your places smarter by bringing together data gathering, analytics and control rooms. Integrated monitoring empowers you to prioritise and deliver maintenance more effectively.

Safeguarding your environment
Smarter monitoring of water supplies, waste management, air quality and more not only saves resources but also improves quality of life for citizens.

Supporting prosperity
Stronger, faster, more reliable networks and smarter places built on them are the foundations you need to attract new residents to your area.

Always here for you
We’re here to provide you with expert support on-demand or onsite, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - as an extension of your own teams.