North Unveils Enhanced Stronger Networks, Smarter Places Brand Vision

We're excited to unveil the refreshed North brand vision, marking a significant milestone in our journey. At the heart of this transformation are the redefined Stronger Networks, Smarter Places reframing of the brand and the strategic move to concentrate on four pivotal sectors: public services, enterprise, financial services, and defence and justice.

The move empowers us to concentrate on designing, delivering, and servicing robust networks and smarter systems across these pivotal sectors. Redefining our vision and aligning with our core strengths, will support future growth and equally strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Under our Stronger Networks offer, we will build on our long-established expertise in wired and wireless networks and cabling infrastructure. Complementing this, our Smarter Places offering introduces transformational propositions for smart cities, campuses, workplaces, and buildings.

North’s strength lies in bringing networks and intelligent systems together to craft bespoke solutions for smarter places that deliver benefits from improved operational efficiency and maintenance to enhanced public services and overall wellbeing.

The redefined approach will not only support future growth but will reinforce our commitment to supporting our existing customers to adopt cutting-edge technologies that cater to their sector-specific needs, enabling them to work smarter, safer, and more sustainably while realising substantial cost and operational benefits.

This announcement follows a remarkable year for North, where we were named the UK’s Top Security Installer of the Year, attained the Silver We Invest in People Accreditation, and secured multiple major contracts.

Join us on our journey to Stronger Networks and Smarter Places by exploring our relaunched website


20 February 2024