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North helps make schools, colleges and universities into smarter, more efficient, and safer campuses.

We bring you the latest, futureproofed technologies to increase student and staff safety, and the networks and smarter systems you need to improve learning outcomes. Our complementary technologies help you manage life safety and security effectively across campus. From easy-to-monitor access control to custom smoke and heat detection and a smart public address system. All integrated through a single campus control room.

Enhancing your campus
We help you create smarter, easier to maintain places where your citizens and communities can thrive, feeling more secure, healthier and happier.

Increasing efficiency
We make your campus more efficient and easier to manage, with sensor-based smart systems that gather data on occupancy, usage patterns, air quality, damp, temperature and more. Giving you the intelligence you need to meet sustainability goals.

Safeguarding your students
North delivers the latest security and access technologies, from doors with keyless video access to gates, barriers and digital signage. Management and monitoring can be centralised through smarter campus control rooms to create a safer environment.

Supporting educational outcomes
Stronger, faster, more reliable networks, simpler, more secure wired and wireless connectivity, and smarter video systems help you deliver modern, flexible learning.

Always here for you
We’re here to provide you with expert support on-demand or onsite, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - as an extension of your own teams.