How security-based solutions create safer, smarter & sustainable communities

With the climate emergency reaching new heights following record temperatures and warnings of global boiling, public sector organisations are recognising the need to re-evaluate their approach to building Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 11, emphasises the creation of sustainable cities and communities that foster safe, resilient and green environments. Harnessing technology to deliver impactful services, public sector organisations, from educational establishments to local authorities, are investing in comprehensive digital transformations that improve community safety and sustainability and simplify and streamline their processes.

Integrated and smart safety and security solutions are now emerging that will pave the way to greener and safer communities. Reports suggest that 48% of people living in England and Wales are concerned about crime and antisocial behaviour where they live and data from YouGov reports that 1.7 million people experience antisocial behaviour every day. Therefore it’s paramount that the public sector considers innovative solutions to improve community safety while fostering cleaner and more sustainable environments.

With new multi-sensor camera technology available, we’re seeing a steady surge in demand for Public Space CCTV transformations that create efficient systems that support local communities and allow for better liaison with the police. Following an upgrade by North to the UK’s largest Public Space estate, over 1000 arrests have been made in Hammersmith & Fulham, including a masked armed robber.

In Edinburgh, the Smart City Operations Centre is transforming the lives of residents. Using advanced smart security and real-time data to shape the future of city planning and create greener spaces for future generations.

The real-time monitoring of public spaces using CCTV surveillance deters criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, property damage and fly-tipping. CCTV surveillance systems reduce the need for resource-intensive repair of damaged buildings as well as reduce waste generation. Effective public safety improves societal wellbeing and fosters trust within communities and encourages economic growth and makes public spaces more accessible.

Technologies such as Access Control safeguards the health and wellbeing of individuals whilst securing buildings and facilities. Monitoring the movement of employees and visitor across sites ensures that health and safety guidance is followed, for everyone’s benefit.

North designed and installed a keyless access control system for The University of Birmingham, replacing conventional keys with smart access cards. The access control system covers the entire university campus, including a 19-story tower, encompassing more than 6,000 doors across campus sites, and serving more than 30,000 students. As a result, the university’s student community now experiences a safer and more secure environment, enhancing the overall student experience.

Maintaining a highly secure operation is of paramount importance for Northumbrian Water Limited, which supplies 1,104 megalitres (1.1 billion litres) of water every day. With water drawn from reservoirs, rivers and groundwater sources before being treated and delivered to homes and businesses, North’s protects its critical facilities. The security-based solution, encompassing CCTV, Intruder Detection and high-security technologies, has been deployed in NWL’s operations in both the North East and South East of England.

Intruder Detection ensures the early detection of potential intruders on sites. By doing so, it minimises the risk of environmental hazards from criminal activities such as trespassing in restricted areas or tampering with critical infrastructure. With the effective allocation of resources, personnel can respond to genuine threats and emergencies, prioritising their safety.

Nowhere is technology more important than in the safety and security systems that protect your people, organisations and places. Security-based solutions and services, provide a vital layer of protection and accessible data on community safety and environmental conditions can empower residents with knowledge, reducing antisocial behaviour and generating greater community engagement.

Transforming Communities with Security-Based Solutions and Services

At North we create safe, secure and green communities through our comprehensive range of security-based solutions and services. Our extensive range, from CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection are already making a positive impact for our valued customers.

We offer public sector organisations a simplified, cost-effective and compliant procurement route through the ESPO Security Surveillance Equipment and Services framework (628)

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17 October 2023