New proposals could force Social Housing landlords to tackle damp and mould

In response to the tragic death of Awwab Ishak due to direct exposure to mould, the UK government has been actively engaged in ongoing legislative efforts to enhance social housing standards. The passing of the Social Housing Act in 2022 marked a significant milestone, introducing new measures to improve social housing. Further reforms aimed at enhancing housing standards are underway, as reforms under Awaab's Law reach the consultation phase.

Proposed legal changes could force landlords in England to investigate unsafe damp and mould issues within two weeks and for repairs to start within a further seven days. Under the proposed changes, emergency work would need to be conducted within 24 hours. Landlords, additionally will have to demonstrate how they are complying with the specified time limit, by maintaining comprehensive records for tenants. Those who fail to adhere to the deadlines would then be at risk of legal action and could be required to compensate tenants.

North’s smart IoT sensor-based solutions monitor factors in properties including temperature, humidity and differential vapour pressure to identify properties at risk of damp and mould. Real-time data captured by sensors helps to identify and proactively intervene, prioritise and address issues, helping to ensure the wellbeing of tenants, maintain the quality of housing stock and prevent costly repairs.

Several leading housing associations, including Wandle Housing, Sovereign Group and Glasgow City Council are using North’s Tempus Solution to proactively monitor and manage housing stock and prevent disrepair, resulting in improved tenant health and wellbeing, significant cost savings and streamlined operations.

Watch the BBC report into how Registered Social Landlords in Glasgow are using North’s IoT-based smart technology to reduce issues such as damp and mould and to improve the health and wellbeing of residents.

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10 January 2024