North Partners with Sodexo to Enhance Safety & Security at Northumbria University Student Accommodation

North has secured a contract with leading Facilities Management company Sodexo to upgrade the wireless Access Control systems for two Northumbria University student accommodations.

As part of the £500k contract, North will design and deliver the wireless Access Control systems across the modern, purpose-built Winn Studios and New Bridge Street student accommodation in the heart of Newcastle city centre, which will enhance safety and improve the user experience for students.

Northumbria University students will now experience greater safety and security in their student accommodation thanks to the upgrade. The new systems will replace traditional key access to offer a more secure and resilient alternative that will streamline how credentials and access are controlled and managed. In contrast to conventional systems, the upgrade will ensure year-round security, eliminating concerns about students failing to return keys at the end of each term and the additional risk of key duplication.

North has selected the industry-leading Gallagher Security Access Control System for the upgrade, encompassing physical hardware, cabling infrastructure and software configuration. System benefits include that access credentials and cards can be revoked, relocated and granted across properties with ease and efficiency. Encrypted access cards or mobile credentials will also be accessible through student’s smartphones, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and delivering significant cost and time savings for the university.

Daniel Chappell, Technical Account Manager at North said:

North is proud to partner with Sodexo to deliver an enhanced user experience that will importantly serve to further safeguard students in Northumbria University student accommodations.

The delivery of the new leading-edge Gallagher Access Control system not only reduce risk but will help the university to work more efficiently and promote health and wellbeing.

Sodexo and Northumbria University will now benefit from cutting-edge security-based solutions as well as a streamlined Access Control system that enables staff to instantly grant and revoke access credentials while keeping students safe in their home away from home."

Michael Bennett, Technical Operations Manager, at Sodexo, commented:

“Through our partnership with Northumbria University, Sodexo recognises the importance of student wellbeing and the role of technology in fostering a sense of safety and security for students while at university.

The upgraded Wireless Access Control system is designed to streamline security processes for staff, saving time and money, and delivering operational efficiencies. Students at Northumbria University can be confident that they are living in modern and secure environments, designed with their needs at the heart”.


24 October 2023