Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about networks, devices and data. Connecting physical objects and sensors to networks and the Internet in new and powerful ways, changing the way people, organisations and places work.

North provides access, expertise and guidance to the transformative power of IoT. Our experienced expert teams help you identify IoT opportunities, then work alongside you to design and implement real world solutions that deliver clear operational and business benefits. We also manage the service for you, on an ongoing basis.

We help your organisation use the Internet of Things to reduce costs, improve operating performance, and enhance the value that you deliver to customers. We work in partnership with you, providing simple connectivity, Gateway as a Service (GaaS) or tailored end-to-end solutions that are easy to manage and maintain. Our complete independence means we are free to select the right technologies and vendors for your unique IoT driven projects.

North’s dedicated IoT teams include connectivity specialists, sensor experts, solutions designers and software professionals. While other suppliers theorise and discuss the potential of IoT, North has years of practical experience at the forefront of real-world IoT delivery from national networks to individual systems, smart buildings and businesses.

We have provided tailored smart devices and networks to housing associations, cities and local councils that impact and improve resident safety, river flow, road gritting, city lighting, water monitoring and more. The possibilities are endless and the transformative potential huge.

We were trusted by the Scottish Government to design and deliver Scotland’s national IoT network – the most advanced LPWAN network in the UK. In Scotland we offer direct access to that network through a simple, cost-effective pay-per-sensor pricing model – opening up the power of IoT to all businesses, from start-ups to multinationals.

North help your organisation utilise IoT technologies to connect the real world to the digital and turn information into action. We help you explore the possibilities, and we deliver a practical, working, end-to-end solution. We also offer a fully managed service, providing the intelligence you need at a predictable ongoing cost.