Transforming Scotland’s future

The internet now connects more than just people – it connects systems, devices and applications. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we live and will revolutionise everything from our homes and buildings to the way we monitor our health and manage traffic across our cities. In 2018, the Scottish Government announced plans for a national IoT network – the most advanced in the UK. As a key part of a public-private partnership, North was appointed to design and deliver this essential network.

North’s £6 million IoT Scotland network provides the infrastructure for companies and organisations to tap into smart sensor applications. Using LoRaWAN technology, the network enables applications and services to collect data from devices and send that data without the need for cellular, Wi-Fi or even human involvement, effectively merging the physical and digital worlds.

The network is already available across all cities and major towns in Scotland, as well as rural areas. More than 30% of Scottish businesses are covered and 1.4M people have access to affordable and reliable IoT connectivity. North deliver wireless backhaul technology for network connectivity that can be deployed easily and quickly.

The benefits for both private and public sector organisations are revolutionary. Local authorities can gain insights through data to help them tackle social and economic challenges. Smart bins, intelligent street lighting, smart parking, environmental monitoring and responsive transport services add up to smarter cities, towns and villages.

And this is just the start. This year alone there are expected to be more than 22.5 billion IoT devices deployed globally. North is proud to play a key role in making it happen.


Scottish Government