Our customised ‘smarter space’ solutions optimise productivity and communications across workplaces.

It’s about using technology to improve user experience. We don’t just create smarter buildings, we help you develop smarter approaches to management and operations.

Expertise and experience
We provide specialist, knowledgeable support across asset management, access control, employee safety and building health management. Our experience ensures that we deliver an outstanding user experience for your employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Ensuring network reliability
The combination of our smarter design and the robust properties of our technology creates networks and infrastructure of outstanding reliability, delivering maximum uptime. And everything is designed and optimised specifically to meet your business objectives.

Reducing your costs
The efficiencies we deliver from data gathering, analytics, automation and remote management will bring you significant operational savings.

An outstanding approach to security
Our strategies and tools for safeguarding buildings, assets and data are tried and tested over many years, regularly checked and continually enhanced. We bring the reassurance that your company can continue to operate fully, whatever the threat.

Always there for you
We’re here to provide you with expert support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – onsite or on-demand, whatever works best for you. Responding rapidly, we embrace your culture and become an extension of your team.