Future-proofed Wi-Fi for ambitious airports

AGS Airports was determined to create an enhanced experience for anyone spending time at its three UK airports – and North delivered the solution.

As the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops continues to increase, AGS wanted travellers passing through Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports to be able to connect to free, reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi, securely and quickly. It also recognised the value of an outstanding Wi-Fi service for employees and partners.

Using our extensive experience in wireless technology, we designed a high capacity network, delivering a future-proofed, always-on wireless infrastructure ­­– the ideal solution for the level of performance, user experience and security required in an airport environment.

Our solution provides high-speed connectivity for more than 1,000 AGS staff, 12,000 staff from other organisations and the 15 million passengers passing through each of the three airports each year.


AGS Airports




Aberdeen, Glasgow, Southampton