Award Winning IoT project shines light on Aberdeen City Council’s sustainability commitment

An intelligent street lighting project has been rolled out by Aberdeen City Council, unlocking sustainability and decarbonisation improvements across the city.

The Lighting Up Aberdeen project, in partnership with North, is helping the local authority create a greener future through the use of energy-efficient lighting across the city.

The project has seen a state-of-the-art IoT solution installed to manage and monitor more than 37,000 street lighting units remotely, enhancing the city’s lighting provision, whilst simultaneously helping to create a greener and safer city for the people of Aberdeen.

Through the new solution, there is now no need for the manual process of checking lights, significantly reducing carbon emissions from travelling, while custom dimming profiles can be used to manage the level of energy required at any given time and automated fault reporting has allowed for more efficient maintenance.

Impressively so far, Lighting Up Aberdeen has delivered considerable carbon reductions through a reduction in energy use and, in turn, the council has seen significant savings across street lighting electricity bills.

Now, the project has been recognised across the UK, winning the Sustainable Customer Project of the Year category at the recent CRN Tech Impact Awards. North was awarded for its work with Aberdeen City Council, providing the local authority with a city-wide LoRaWAN IoT network and Central Management System (CMS) based Intelligent Lighting solution.

North’s intelligent technology solutions are supporting Aberdeen City Council with its Net Zero Aberdeen Route Map, a city-wide approach to reducing carbon emissions and helping Aberdeen become a smart city.

Scott McEwan, acting CEO at North, said: “Aberdeen City Council is a forward-thinking local authority, using the capabilities of intelligent lighting to enrich its communities to become greener and safer.

“We are incredibly proud to receive recognition from CRN for the work we are helping to deploy across the region and look forward to continuing this relationship as we collaborate with Aberdeen City Council to further utilise the IoT network.

“Working with local authorities across the UK, North is pioneering change through the power of smart technology and, collectively, we are creating a force for good that influences sustainability, health and economic success.”


08 November 2022