Lighting up the City of Aberdeen

The Internet of Things is changing the way places work. As a forward-thinking Council, Aberdeen City embraced the smart agenda and undertook a large-scale Intelligent lighting project to replace their existing legacy street lighting. North worked with Aberdeen City Council to provide them with a City wide LoRaWAN IoT network and Central Management System (CMS) based Intelligent Lighting solution to manage and maintain over 37000 units. Aberdeen selected intelligent lighting as the anchor IoT project as the resulting IoT network would cover the City and subsidise the design and deployment of other IoT smart solutions.

Aberdeen City Council wanted to explore innovative uses of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve many aspects of city life for citizens and businesses and to deliver economic benefits. The intelligent lighting solution complemented the LED head replacement programme that the Council were undertaking enabling them to make additional savings on their annual street lighting energy consumption and costs, whilst also delivering operational and maintenance efficiencies.

The IoT Network uses LoRaWAN gateways to provide comprehensive cover across the City. The LoRaWAN network will be used to support a range of other city based IoT initiatives and solutions including waste management and flood monitoring.


Aberdeen City Council


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