A smart campus that puts safety first

TASIS England is a leading, international day and boarding school and community near London that is committed to promoting multiple pathways for each learner. The safety of its student community is of paramount importance and North delivered a significant systems upgrade of complementary technologies to manage life safety and security effectively across campus.

We delivered a phased upgrade, creating an integrated network of security systems across the school campus, which has significantly simplified the safety and security of the school buildings. The management and monitoring of access control technology has also been centralised to create a safer environment. This covers more than 120 doors, with touchscreen video access, gates and barriers where enhanced security is required, as well as digital signage at entrance points.

North developed a suite of integrated security and assistive technology for TASIS, including intruder alarm protection strategies, patrol routes for out-of-school-hours security staff, lone-working support and disabled refuge call points. These are configured through the smart campus control rooms, enabling better deployment of staff across the school, and faster responses when issues arise or are anticipated.

Custom smoke/heat detectors enable the scheduling of predictive maintenance and the detection of potential faults early on, creating a safer environment for staff and students.

A smart public address system handles routine and emergency communications and can be operated remotely if lockdown procedures are triggered. A campus-wide fire alarm roll-call solution protects ancillary staff.