Rapidly deployed wireless transformation

The public sector relies on robust infrastructure to deliver its services. North worked with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council to replace their ageing fixed wired network with a future-proofed wireless solution. Our high capacity, high speed, low latency wireless wide area network (WWAN) formed the backbone of the Council’s digital transformation.

Barnsley Council’s Digital First programme rests on an agile working culture enabled by modern technologies. Their existing network infrastructure simply couldn’t deliver on those promises. Bringing our unique breadth and depth of expertise to the partnership, North designed and deployed a robust wireless network for the entire Council that could save them up to 70% on their operational costs per annum.

North’s state of the art low latency WWAN for Barnsley Council used 58 rapidly deployable high capacity links, radically increasing the network’s speed and reliability while minimizing disruption of services. Our experienced team delivered the high capacity links with speeds from 200Mb all the way up to 10Gb capability, for a flexible solution that keeps the Council connected and one step ahead.

North’s intelligent and cost effective network enables Barnsley Council to realise the benefits of agile working across all of its locations. Our robust, resilient solution delivers huge performance improvements, and is designed to easily meet future demands for speed, capacity and reliability.

North’s smarter, safer and faster network solution for Barnsley Council empowers them to deliver reliable local services for years to come. North’s ongoing support partnership with the Council keeps them going in the right direction.


Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council


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