Taking a global bank wireless

Major players in the financial sector cross time zones and national boundaries, but still need to be able to work across a single coherent network. Technology solutions don’t come much bigger. North took one global investment bank and financial services organisation wireless – worldwide – and as part of this deployment we provided them with the means to accurately analyse and forecast ICT spend through accurate Management Information (MI) around asset capacity.

North have worked in partnership with the global financial services company since 1998. First we rolled out the ambitious project to deliver a single wireless access network across all its major campuses and branches worldwide. Deploying Cisco hardware across more than 100 sites, we completed the project in 2018 with minimal disruption to day-to-day services. Network quality and reliability was dramatically improved for the 55,000+ users through more than 10,000 wireless access points.

Meanwhile, since 2015 North has been working with the global investment bank to centralise its network asset management, providing accurate MI which empowers the bank to accurately forecast their ICT spend. Our dedicated embedded team’s agility and resourcefulness has led to North delivering on time and to budget time and time again, while allowing the bank to sweat their assets and achieve long term cost savings.

This major international financial player now has clear overview and complete control over its ICT spend and forecasts with end-to-end connectivity and schematics, work request and instruction management, context sensitive reports/scripts, and full integration with CAD.


A Global Bank