South London Partnership Extends Contract following Successful IoT Pilot

An InOvaTe UK pilot project with Kingston Council which uses smart IoT technology to ensure the safety and security of vacant properties set to be demolished has been extended following the initial success.

In 2021, Kingston Council adopted smart sensor technology to monitor a residential building in preparation for demolition, to ensure it remained empty and met health and safety standards. Sensors were installed throughout the 130 residential properties in Tadlow House, which is set to be demolished to make way for new energy-efficient homes.

Over the past year, the technology has proved effective in preventing multiple attempted break-ins and damage to the properties and deterring antisocial behaviour, as well as helping to safeguard the wellbeing of local residents by protecting them from the risks of asbestos.

Hitachi Solutions are delivering the data platform using Microsoft’s reference architecture which captures data from multiple sensor feeds, which are analysed and visualised to provide further context, and to help identify trends that will help the Council to make more informed and data-driven decisions.

With plans in place to recycle and re-use the sensors in other buildings identified for regeneration in the area, reusing the sensors will help Kingston Council to reduce waste, deliver cost efficiencies and support its sustainability goals, such as developing a strong circular economy, as set out in Kingston’s Climate and Ecological Emergency Response Plan.

Mark Lowe, Business Development Director at North, said: “Kingston upon Thames Council has been able to reap the benefits of IoT technology, particularly in combating antisocial behaviour and improving the health and wellbeing of its residents. As the Council pursues the transformational potential of the Internet of Things and looks for ways to harness its benefits, we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.

Liz Bishop, Project Sponsor, South London Partnerships, commented: “In the first year since we deployed smart technologies to ensure the safety and security of Kingston's vacant properties, we are pleased to see that the IoT pilot has been an enormous success. The contract with North has been extended for another year, enabling us to continue to harness the Internet of Things for good and become a forward-looking council.”


26 September 2022