Pioneering a Future-Ready Video Management Solution for the University of St Andrews

Renowned as a leading University worldwide, the University of St Andrews has earned accolades for delivering an exceptional academic experience, ranking it as the UK's best according to the National Student Survey 2023. 

As its legacy Video Management System (VMS) reached its limitations, the University sought an innovative new solution with the flexibility to support a range of integrations and adapt to the future, whilst maintaining peak performance.

To achieve this, the University of St Andrews engaged North with the aim of transitioning from a single-vendor video management setup to an advanced video management and analytics platform complete with enhanced features and functionalities. North's unique independence allowed us to collaborate with leading VMS provider Milestone to design and implement a video management overlay and migration from the University's legacy CCTV camera system.

Underpinned by Milestone's cutting-edge VMS platform XProtect, North delivered a solution that seamlessly connects the University's entire security camera estate. Furthermore, with the addition of customisable features, like advanced search capabilities, all accessible through a single user-friendly interface, the University has created safer, more efficient environments for its students, staff and visitors.

Future-proofing was a key driver in the University’s decision-making, with North and Milestone advising the University on anticipated advancements in surveillance and video analytics technologies. Milestone’s VMS was decided upon to support autonomy and flexibility and provide the functionality necessary to accommodate emerging technologies and capabilities.

North will now support the University to further develop the campus-wide systems, ensuring uninterrupted functionality and enhanced safety and security for staff and students and ensuring a tangible return on investment, by using the latest technologies to streamline operational efficiencies and improve the University's security landscape.

Andy Edmonston, Security Manager @ the University of St. Andrews commented:

“We are delighted to have entered into a successful partnership with North to deliver a new, highly functional, video management system for the university. The adopted solution has provided enhanced functionality for our CCTV operators within our Control Room and has delivered improved operational performance" 


15 September 2023