North reinforces commitment with sustainability and carbon reduction pledge

The UK’s leading IoT service and solutions provider, North, has embarked on the next stage of its sustainability drive with the launch of its first Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Impact Report. 
In line with the report and efforts to reduce its carbon footprint,  to honour its commitment to planning towards a more sustainable future, North has offset all of its emissions through the Gold Standard carbon offsetting scheme, to become carbon neutral, and has pledged to focus on reducing emissions.
The newly published report sets out how North will take further steps to reduce carbon emissions across its offices in Camberley, Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle, St. Asaph,  Southampton and Basingstoke and to drive change within the industry and the communities in which it works.
The report unveils North’s key environmental sustainability objectives and actions it will take to reduce, measure and monitor its impact through energy and sustainability-related efficiencies whilst streamlining its operations across the UK.
North has pledged to ensure 100 per cent of its electricity comes from renewable sources and has also committed to other sustainability endeavours, such as: 
>  Increasing its recycling rate to >55 per cent 
>  Transformation of its Supplier Engagement Programme
>  Appointment of a new Sustainability & Social Value Specialist
North has also vowed to continue its commitment to supporting communities and charities through its development and volunteer programmes and working alongside local businesses and organisations to ensure its contracts create prospects for local residents and businesses. 
ESG Committee Chair at North, Audrey Schaefer, said: “This is a key milestone for North as social, economic and environmental sustainability is a pillar of our strategy and embedded in our business and operational processes. 
“We welcome the opportunity to formalise our sustainability ambitions with our carbon neutral accreditation and pledge, alongside the launch of our ESG Impact Report, which sets out our objectives. We look forward to leveraging this commitment to deliver meaningful change across the sector and as we commit to delivering positive environmental change.” 



18 January 2022