IoT Scotland to drive Collaboration and Connectivity across Angus

IoT Scotland coverage is now available in Angus and is set to improve digital connectivity, allowing businesses and organisations to adopt new IoT-based digital services, supporting Angus Council’s key priorities for citizens, businesses and students to grow and excel. 

North’s £6 million IoT Scotland network is Scotland’s National IoT network. Coverage is available across 29 of the 32 local authority areas in Scotland, providing affordable access for organisations to tap into smart sensor applications.

Angus Council is continuously looking to improve their digital services to ensure maximum inclusion and reduce inequalities. IoT technologies will enable the council to improve its services not only in towns and villages, but also in rural areas.

Using LoRaWAN technology, the network enables applications and services to collect and send data from devices without the need for cellular, Wi-Fi or even human involvement, effectively merging the physical and digital worlds.

The IoT Scotland network will provide comprehensive connectivity across the towns of Forfar, Arbroath, Montrose and Brechin, enabling organisations to access innovative and disruptive technologies capable of redesigning smarter services, and enabling more sustainable and efficient ways of working.

The expansion comes following the launch of North’s fully funded IoT Accelerator packs which give councils across Scotland free access to IoT Solutions that are proven to improve services and deliver efficiencies.

Commenting on the expansion, Alasdair Rettie, Technical Director at North:

“We’re delighted that the IoT Scotland network is now available in Angus for both the local authority and businesses to access. Providing affordable access to next-generation connectivity will enable organisations to innovate and develop new opportunities that harness the transformational potential of IoT.  We look forward to working with Angus Council to understand how our IoT Scotland Accelerator Pack programme can potentially help to address their priorities”.

Angus Council Director of HR, Digital Enablement, IT & Business Support, Sharon Faulkner said: “The IOT Scotland Network will allow Angus Council to continue its investment in digital infrastructure throughout the Angus Area, offering opportunities to not just Angus Council but local businesses and communities.

“The data gathered from the sensors on the IOT devices will support Angus Council to be more proactive, drive efficiencies and productivity through using IOT technology and increase automation, fulfilling the ambition to be a fully digital organisation.”


06 July 2021