Wandle Housing Association Pioneers IoT Technology to Manage Housing Disrepair

Wandle Housing Association takes pride in offering affordable and high-quality homes across nine South London boroughs. Driven by a vision to provide homes to be proud of and that residents trust, Wandle partnered with North and Daizy to implement a smart property IoT solution to support its commitment to delivering exceptional housing and services.

The project was motivated by the need to mitigate risks to housing stock from disrepair and to maintain compliance with regulatory guidance relating to damp and mould. Wandle leveraged North’s sensor-based Tempus Smart Property Management technology and Daizy’s IoT platform to improve its handling of property disrepair issues.

The smart sensor-based solution monitors factors in properties including temperature, humidity and differential vapour pressure, to identify properties at risk. Real-time data captured by sensors has allowed Wandle to identify and proactively intervene to minimise issues including damp and mould to maintain the quality of its housing stock and prevent costly repairs. By utilising data-driven insights, Wandle has been able to prioritise and address disrepair issues more effectively, ensuring the maintenance of affordable and good-quality homes across South London.

Before implementing the IoT solution, Wandle conducted repairs reactively from tenant feedback, stock surveys, and inspections. Taking a proactive IoT-based approach to managing their housing stock has significantly improved the disrepair process for Wandle, creating healthier living environments for residents and delivered cost savings of approximately £400,000 in just one year.

Just one example of the benefits realised through the project was the prompt detection of a critical alarm triggered by a humidity sensor, which alerted Wandle to quickly respond to an unknown property leak, allowing them to take immediate action to protect both the property and tenant.

Furthermore, real-time alerts and data have empowered Wandle to proactively engage with tenants, promptly resolve issues and consequently enhance the service they offer. Taking this proactive approach has not only contributed to tenant satisfaction but has also ensured the creation of safe and healthy living environments for all residents.


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