Control Room upgrade with State-of-the-Art CCTV

The role of CCTV in creating safer and smarter environments for citizens and local businesses cannot be overstated. Falkirk Council’s CCTV system was both ageing and analogue and hadn’t been upgraded for 20 years. As a result, its CCTV system had become dated, which, if not addressed, could compromise their ability to provide safe and secure environments for citizens, visitors and businesses.

North successfully delivered a complete control room upgrade for Falkirk Council as part of its ‘Council of the Future’ transformation programme, taking its digital transformation journey to the next level. North upgraded, integrated, and centralised all security and monitoring systems to one new location for the Council. The project streamlines security and surveillance systems and is now helping to reduce overhead operating costs while providing safer, more connected communities. 
As part of the transformation, we delivered an intelligent video management platform that fulfils current and future requirements for the Council. Existing assets owned by the Council were upgraded from analogue to IP, providing a current digital infrastructure that can be utilised for multiple technologies. To create safer communities, more effective camera technologies were selected, including, IP panoramic cameras, high-resolution 4K technology and a range of mobile re-deployable units which connect back to the Council’s control room to provide a holistic view of the surrounding towns and villages. 
The new monitoring solution, in contrast to conventional systems, enables the complete integration of mobile cameras into the CCTV control system, providing seamless visuals for operators regardless of location or unit. Combined with the addition of an enhanced high-definition video wall, the system has the capacity to support an unlimited number of cameras and has created a platform for future integration by bringing control and monitoring into one location. 
The upgrade has already delivered operational and cost efficiencies and most importantly has created a safer environment for all. In addition, the upgrade has enabled Falkirk Council to increase public safety at major events, such as festivals and football matches, and is providing enhanced tourism at local landmarks such as the Kelpies. 
In partnership with the Council, North is working to further enhance the investment by overlaying analytics to provide insightful data around areas such as footfall and traffic count and flow. This will help support real-time updates on congestion on social media and online platforms. 


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