Crown Commercial Services

RM6116 Network Services 3

Lot 3a: loT and Smart Cities (Smart shared and connected spaces)

RM6095 Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPS
RM6094 Spark DPS

Scottish Government

Internet of Things DPS
Telephony DPS

Procurement for Housing Framework

Telecoms, Digital Inclusion and IoT

Lot 5 – Internet of Things (IoT) Shared Gateway
Lot 6a – Internet of Things (IoT) Private Gateway
Lot 6b – Internet of Things (IoT) Private Gateway​


ESPO Security Surveillance Framework

ESPO Security Surveillance Equipment and Services framework (628)

Lot 1 – Public Space Surveillance Systems
Lot 2 – Private Space Surveillance Systems
Lot 3 – Access Control Systems
Lot 4 – Intruder Detection Systems


Web Filtering & Monitoring Lot2 (onpremise)