Video analytics

Intelligent video analytics transform the performance of your CCTV and surveillance systems – and also your entire organisation. North’s advanced solutions from real time event detection, AI based intelligent analytics and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) improve your security, protection of the public, crime prevention and real-time traffic management.

North’s complete independence means we are free to work with the worlds leading video analytics vendors to offer clients the best-in-class solutions, guidance and support. We provide on-premise and cloud-based solutions to deliver operational intelligence for some of the UK’s largest local authorities and smartest businesses.

Our video analytics solutions enable investigations to be conducted rapidly using superior search and filtering capabilities, intelligent object classification and real-time alerts – all essential in live, critical situations.

Through smart, pattern-based recognition techniques including facial, clothing, object and event recognition, users can quickly identify and track objects, vehicles and people of interest. Operators can quickly and easily search video footage, and configure rules and real-time alerts. Proactive real-time notifications can also be set up this way, and optimised reporting with insights into trends, delivered visually through user-specific dashboards.

North’s proven ANPR technology uses CCTV to improve security, deter crime and monitor and manage vehicle activity. Our ANPR systems are configured to automate processes for authorised vehicles and to capture data, such as number plates, vehicle locations, time and movements.

Our experienced specialist teams deliver in complex and critical environments, providing a one-stop service that minimises disruption. We offer industry-leading expertise, delivering maximum value from the design and management of your video analytics systems - improving security, productivity and decision-making across your organisation.