Public address voice alarm (PA/VA) systems provide life safety and security for public spaces. They provide clear, adaptable direction in case of emergencies and evacuations. North have been at the leading edge of PA/VA solutions since their introduction. Our intelligent approach to integrated technologies and networks keeps people safe in all kinds of environments.

People react more calmly and quickly when they hear a voice than they do to alarm sounds – particularly in an emergency. British standards recommend PA/VA systems for public safety in any environment which hosts large public gatherings, like open spaces, stadiums and venues.

North bring together public address, life safety and networking technologies to design and deliver effective PA/VA systems for any public or private space. We can provide standalone PA/VA solutions, or intelligently integrate PA/VA with other safety, security or entertainment systems – improving the user experience and making your smart system simple.

Our specialist team surveys your spaces in detail to ensure your PA/VA sound output is clearly intelligible at the necessary volume to satisfy onsite emergency plans for safe, effective evacuation. Our complete independence allows us to partner with industry leading global vendors to design the perfect bespoke solution for your environment.

North is trusted to deliver integrated, networked PA/VA solutions for major transport hubs, shopping centres, schools, and venues from theatres to sports stadia and exhibition halls – as well as infrastructure for the government and public sector. We provide clear operational and support documentation and training for our easy to use systems, and can also offer a fully managed service for long term critical 24/7 support.