With the increase in remote and mobile working, resilient, secure and flexible network infrastructure is critical. The intelligent and integrated solutions provided by North deliver enterprise network architecture quickly and reliably, significantly enhancing your performance and security. Our always-on automated network management tools provide consistency and peace of mind.

We specialise in the design, delivery, management and support of high-performance networking, from Enterprise LAN and wireless connectivity through to software defined networking and city-wide infrastructure. Our experienced team provides reliable and secure connectivity for your critical systems, increasing resilience, providing scalability and optimising the potential of your infrastructure.

Our range of automated monitoring and management tools provide vital information on the performance of your network, enabling you to make the necessary adjustments and investments required to guarantee exceptional performance.

North has particularly strong expertise in local area networks (LAN), corporate Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi, wireless wide area networks (WWAN) and traditional wide area networks and connectivity (WAN). Our public sector work has delivered significant economies of scale, reducing ongoing operational costs through the consolidation of corporate and public services.

We have an exceptional track record across public sector and enterprise networks, data centres and large campuses. We understand that no two businesses are the same – and no two connectivity solutions are either. We work closely with clients to understand your specific needs, creating flexible, agnostic and impactful solutions that help you to work more effectively and productively. Our complete independence means we’re free to select the right technologies for our customers.

Work and life are always changing. North’s networking solutions will keep you one step ahead.