Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about networks, devices and data. Connecting physical objects and sensors to networks and the internet in new and powerful ways. North’s cross-industry team of experts have been delivering practical IoT solutions for years. We help you solve real-world problems by using these emerging technologies to turn information into action.

North provides access, expertise and guidance. We will help you identify exactly what IoT technologies can do for your organisation, then work alongside you to design and implement a solution that delivers real benefits. We offer a fully managed ongoing service.

North leads the way in IoT, with a track record of inspiring, effective, real-world solutions for our customers. We have delivered intelligent street lighting, water risk monitoring, smart property management, and more. Our IoT solutions improve your operating performance, increase the value you offer to customers, reduce costs, and create safer, more secure environments.

Our integrated approach, broad experience and complete independence mean that we bring together the right technologies for you at the right price. Our team includes wireless specialists, radio planners, sensor experts and solutions designers – complementary skills that mean we rapidly get IoT working effectively. Taking you in the right direction.

North are trusted by the Scottish Government to design, deliver and maintain the country’s LPWAN network, providing 1.4m people with access to affordable IoT connectivity. Wherever you are, we work with you a variety of ways – from simple connectivity and cost-effective pay-per-sensor pricing models, through Gateway as a Service, to bespoke end to end solutions.

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