Access Control

Intelligently designed access control systems provide the most efficient and effective means of protecting your people, buildings and places. North develop, deliver and manage effective, easy to manage access control systems that create safer, more secure environments for everyone.

From standalone door entry to fully integrated security systems across multiple sites, our experienced team will work with you to understand and meet your unique security and operational needs. North’s complete independence means we are free to select the most user-friendly, scalable and resilient technologies for your current circumstances and the challenges of tomorrow.

Access control can be an effective way to manage health and wellbeing. Monitoring the movement of employees and visitors across your site helps to ensure that health and safety guidance is followed, for everyone’s benefit. 

North’s unique breadth and depth of experience means we can bring together security systems and technologies including access control, CCTV, intruder detection and life safety systems to provide a centrally managed platform with one user-friendly interface. Monitoring activity, generating reports and managing movements across facilities becomes much easier, as does limiting access to critical areas like data centres and control rooms.

Technologies, like people, work better when they work together. These integrated command and control technologies reduce risk and operational costs by enabling operators to proactively manage their services, responding and resolving situations faster.

Our specialist teams have exceptional experience in access control, video door entry, wireless, and biometric security systems for some of the most complex and critical environments, from super-hospitals and university campuses to vast city centre buildings. Our smart systems provide the highest level of security and safety, 24/7/365.