5G connectivity underpins smart technologies to enable the public sector and enterprise to digitally transform their operations and to unlock significant benefits and opportunities.

Offering higher speed and lower latency, private 5G networks are changing the way we work and live, presenting new opportunities to adopt new applications that will enable organisations to work safer, smarter, and faster.

North provides access, expertise, and knowledge to the transformational potential of private 5G enabled networks. Our experienced experts will help you to explore how 5G can benefit your organisation, then work with you to design and deliver network infrastructures that improve performance, reduce costs and deliver operational efficiencies.

With over 40 years of experience across networking connectivity and specialist wireless experience, we are the ideal partner to support your 5G requirements, from networks and testbeds to applications for Smart Cities, Public Safety, Connected Automated Logistics, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

Smart Places, Cities & Campuses

5G connectivity offers significant opportunities for local authorities to transform critical public services. We can support you to explore how real-time event monitoring, live video surveillance, and data insights can be used to augment management and control, creating greater situational awareness and enhancing public safety and the citizen experience.

Industry 4.0

Scalable and resilient private 5G networks enable the automation necessary to create truly smart manufacturing environments. With experience of delivering standalone 5G networks, we can work with you to design and deliver customised solutions to support applications including autonomous robots, artificial intelligence, and IoT, to help you deliver operational efficiencies and streamline processes.

We work with leading research organisations, public sector and enterprise, where we provide customised solutions for leading educational institutes, including the University of Glasgow, where North designed an urban 5G testbed to allow the leading University to accelerate their 5G research programme, and to develop and test new commercial applications.

We were trusted by Nissan, Sunderland City Council and the NEAA to take on the role of prime contractor, project manager, and systems integrator for a ground-breaking pilot where pioneering 5G technology will be used in an operational automotive environment for the very first time in the UK. The £4.9 million operation, which is being deployed at the Nissan test track in Sunderland, addresses the next innovation challenge of last-mile logistics – the automation of a 40 tonne HGV.