Strategic projects

Evolving technologies present huge opportunities to drive transformation and growth, whatever your industry or organisation. North’s decades of experience delivering strategic and complex projects mean we can make your operations smarter, safer and faster while reducing risk and increasing cost efficiency. North offer all the resilience and benefits of scale with tailored solutions and personal service.

North brings together technologies to deliver exceptional results, customised to your specific requirements and integrated with your existing systems. Our unique breadth and depth of experience makes North a one-stop service, driving efficiency and minimising disruption.

Our effective planning, management, delivery and reporting of complex integrated projects and ongoing services keeps you one step ahead. We build each project on a collaborative agreement of needs and expectations. Your critical operations keep running smoothly and your projects are delivered on time and to budget.

North’s partner footprint enables us to rapidly deliver complex international rollouts to the highest quality. We understand and manage complexities like standards, time zones, language and cultural nuances. We can deliver standardized and flexible technology solutions concurrently across multiple continents.

North have been delivering integrated technology solutions and projects for more than 20 years. We work UK-wide and globally in the most critical and challenging environments, including healthcare, financial services, education and transportation. Our dedicated strategic projects teams take great pride in their long term multi-year client relationships, delivering successful project after project.