Major Events

Major events have unique and complex technology needs. Whether it’s the network enabling TV broadcasting, Wi-Fi and digital leader boards, or the video surveillance and analytics to manage the safety of attendees. North has a wealth of experience in successfully delivering these critical services for events such as the Commonwealth Games, the Ryder Cup and many years of The Open Golf Championship.

North reliably delivers seamless communications, event-critical connectivity and intelligent security solutions on the biggest of world stages. We understand the unique requirements of live sporting events, and the need to deliver to the highest standard, in unique environments, while working to demanding deadlines.

From initial consultation and planning to event-time support, we work in partnership with event organisers to ensure that we deliver secure, robust solutions that fully meet the requirements of the event and associated venues, on time and on budget. Our event technology team are world-class specialists in the infrastructure, networking and security solutions that bring events to life and enhance the experience for on-site and TV or online viewing spectators. Our in-house support teams and Network Operations Centre provide backup to the on-site teams, ensuring safeguards and resilience for the duration of these global events.

We are proud to partner with major event organisers to create sustainable lasting legacies, contributing to local economies and environments. North keeps itself at the forefront of evolving technology in the world of major events – and you can trust us to deliver in complex and critical environments.