Rights Free Music Retail

North supplies an affordable royalty-free solution that allows businesses to save money in their locations by avoiding licensing fees usually incurred by PPL PRS

Whatever your business is, we have the perfect music for you. Unique tracks from independent artists. North will collaborate with you to maximise the benefits of our in house recording facilities and voiceover team to produce an audio advertising campaign to help you achieve your goals. Our intelligent player will then introduce these into your music playlists at your preferred frequency.

In the past, there has been a scepticism about the quality of rights free music but this is no longer the case. With our extensive library containing thousands of tracks from a wide array of artists and genres, we are able to create a completely
bespoke playlist personally for your brand.

Let’s save you the cost of having to pay the licensing societies, find out how North can help you create a better atmosphere in your space with a fresh playlist, while also saving you money.