Crown Commercial Services

RM6116 Network Services 3

Lot 3a: loT and Smart Cities (Smart shared and connected spaces)

RM6095 Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPS
RM6094 Spark DPS

Scottish Government

Internet of Things DPS
Telephony DPS


Web Filtering & Monitoring Lot2 (onpremise)

ESPO Security Surveillance Framework

ESPO Security Surveillance Equipment and Services framework (628)

Lot 1 – Public Space Surveillance Systems
Lot 2 – Private Space Surveillance Systems
Lot 3 – Access Control Systems
Lot 4 – Intruder Detection Systems

Procurement for Housing Framework

Telecoms, Digital Inclusion and IoT

Lot 5 - Community Wifi & Digital Inclusion Solutions 

Lot 6a - Internet of Things (IoT) Shared Gateway

Lot 6b - Internet of Things (IoT) Private Gateway