North provides intelligent integrated technology solutions that improve the performance and safety of people, organisations and places. Created by the merger of Boston Networks, PEL Services, 2020 Vision Systems, Pinacl Solutions, Pinacl Global Delivery Alliance and Data Techniques, North boasts a unique breadth and depth of specialist experience stretching back a combined five decades.

Boston Networks was co-founded in Glasgow in 2000 by Scott McEwan, who remains with North as Group Executive Director. Delivering integrated network technologies in buildings and across cities for the public and private sectors, Boston Networks diversified into new markets with a focus on emerging technologies. Experts in network infrastructure, wireless systems and safety and security, Boston Networks were an early adopter and advocate of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Boston Networks’ experience delivering intelligent buildings technologies and advanced wireless-based solutions led to them becoming operator of the IoT Scotland network, backed by the Scottish Government.

Pinacl began in North Wales in 1969 as part of Pilkington Group. Spun off in 1983 as Pilkington Fibre Optic Technologies, a management buyout led by Group Executive Chairman of North, Rob Bardwell, formed Pinacl in 2015. An early advocate and developer of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Pinacl delivered managed ICT infrastructure solutions to blue chip and local government clients UK-wide. Pinacl GDA supported clients on complex and global project delivery. Pinacl’s broad skillsets encompassed IoT, smart cities, fibre connectivity, wireless, WAN and LAN.